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Low risk

We take what already works, & polish it to make it even better


Our brands are diversified across sectors & geographies


Each licenced brand is a standalone investment vehicle, managed by a dedicated team of industry experts

Partner with the audience

By partnering with a large 'audience owner', we help them access new offerings & business models they can sell to their customers

Identify the target

After we understand the target customer & know what their end goal is, we can imagine a vision for what we're going to create.  The focus is always to improve the customer experience from what's already offered.  It normally means our founding partners, through this model can provide & deliver a solution, that otherwise is only available through a large corporate supplier.

Disrupt the status quo

We create a disruptive value proposition, a better way for the customer to solve their problem.  This model is created to serve the existing customers of our 'audience partner', meaning the new value proposition has customer demand from day one

Founder created

We research the existing market solutions which solve the customers problem, then we form a partnership with experts in the market to help us deliver the new proposition.  This means we have a proven customer demand, an existing customer relationship, and proven experts to deliver

A 'non-merger' model

Achieving the same benefits of merging multiple businesses together, but rather than performing an M&A process which can be time consuming & expensive, we prefer to create multiple joint ventures with each founding partner.  We call this process, the Shopping Mall Framework™, bringing each founding partner together, then branding the investment vehicle

A proven team

Every successful business needs an experienced senior team to drive it.  We put an experienced senior team in place to manage the vehicle.  We also engage an experienced board of advisors, people who've built & exited businesses in the same sector

An investable structure

The new proposition is created as a standalone project, & structured in a tax efficient, investor friendly & trusted jurisdiction.  This means you can be confident you're not dealing with previous skeletons, & you know exactly what you're investing in

Achieving rapid scale

After stabilization, we licence the model so it can scale quickly into other geographies

Achieving rapid liquidity

Wherever possible, we look at creating liquidity options for investors, such as a buy-back guarantee, a public listing, or a REIT.

The perfect investment vehicle

By using our model, it means an investor can access frontier markets, without the risk of trying to do it themselves.  Our structure provides the perfect vehicle for investing in alternative markets

  • Existing customer relationships
  • Proven customer demand on day one
  • Experts in the delivery
  • An investable structure
  • A proven team
  • An innovative & disruptive model
  • Scale
  • Liquidity

Our process

We use a number of techniques and methodologies to create our licence models & brands.  Here's three of them

Past examples

We're currently creating licence models & brands within wellness, tourism, real estate development and sustainability.

If you'd like to know more about these, download our investor guide to learn more about investment opportunities in frontier markets

Download our investor guide

We will never spam you, or share your details with anyone