• Earn high returns from frontier markets

    We create investment opportunities in frontier markets, in the tourism, wellness & built environment sectors

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    We're partners in the end result

High returns, without the risk

Investment vehicles are registered in the UK, & we originate every opportunity ourselves

Hands-off opportunities

We do all the work, partnering to create win-win-win results

Reduce poverty

Each investment vehicle creates hundreds of jobs for local people & supply chains

Partners in the outcome

We work with established local businesses, helping them to create jobs & reduce poverty, by being a part of each investment vehicle

High growth industries

We focus on the high growth sectors of:



Real estate services


Financial services

Marketing, PR & Communications

Third world markets

The greatest opportunities are found in less developed economies.  By bringing investment into these countries, it transforms the life of local people forever, whilst providing investors with healthy double digit returns.  This isreal impact investing

Our foundation

Most of the worlds problems can be solved by providing access to capital, and access to opportunity.  Our profits are reinvested into the local communities to improve healthcare, education, housing, food, energy, waste, & water facilities.

Our intention is to transform the lives of the next generation.

Case studies

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Download our investor guide

We will never spam you, or share your details with anyone