Who we are

We create, package, & invest in high growth business models, that transform industries & build industry leading brands.

We're a group of private investors that have each owned, grown & sold our own 7 & 8 figure businesses, and now we work with other people to help them reach their end goal.

Unlike traditional consultancies, everything we do is based around partnership working, joint ventures where everyone wins.

Our Team

Wayne Fox

Wayne is responsible for overseeing all new product creation.

He has over 20 years experience leading fast growth SME's across many sectors.

Charles Bartholomew

Charles is responsible for overseeing everything related to numbers.

He has over 40 years CFO experience with both public & private companies.

Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy is responsible for taking companies public.

He has acquired over 50 companies, & IPO's around 20 SME's every year.

Coming Soon

Head of Partnerships

Responsible for identifying & managing partner relationships to maintain value creation

Coming Soon

Head of Operations

Responsible for pulling the strings, & keeping everything in check

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Head of Events

Responsible for making sure everyone is kept fully entertained at all times

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