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Active involvement

Our teams are actively involved in driving every opportunity we invest in.

We only invest in opportunities where we have a proven background of success


Diversified portfolios

Risk management is very important to us.

We diversify across geography, sector, & returns timeframe 

Local impact

We look at making a local impact, with every investment opportunity.

An opportunity to create local jobs, and impact local people, helping communities to climb out of poverty

Investing in legacy impact projects, that generate outsized returns, creating the new world

Most investors would like to imagine their actions leaving a lasting impact on the world.  Creating a legacy people speak about, for generations to come, long after they've taken their last breath.

Using our partnership approach, we package investment opportunities that we invest in ourselves.   We co-invest alongside our investment partners.

We invest in geographically diverse, alternative investments, with high return potential

Some examples of previous investment opportunities:

Short term

Loan note

Timeframe:  12 months

Minimum commitment:  £ 50,000               14% IRR

Medium term

Convertible loan note

Timeframe:  36 months

Minimum commitment:  £ 100,000               12% IRR

Convertible to equity / property @ 20% discount


Timeframe:  60 months

Minimum commitment:  £ 100,000               7% Preferred return

30% Profit share               0%  Management fee

Long term


Timeframe:  96 months

Minimum commitment:  £ 250,000               0% Preferred return

50% Profit share               0%  Management fee

Investment types

  • Distressed Business Turnaround
  • Business Acquisition
  • Hotel Upgrade & Branding
  • Industry Consolidations
  • JV Brands
  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Investment

Our investment advisors

Investment opportunity

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