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A sustainable way to grow your estate revenues

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The Growth Framework™

In this 70 minute pre-recorded webinar, we take you through the 36 fundamental pillars, you need to build, if you want to grow your business

How to grow your Estate revenue

As a country estate, your value as a business, is in your land assets.  The easiest & fastest way to grow your business, is to either:

  • Increase the volume of those assets (buy or control more land)
  • Increase the value of those assets, through specialized development (installing infrastructure, property development etc)

If you can increase either one of these you'll grow your business

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How we work with Country Estates

Many country estates share the same struggles.  They're 'asset rich, cash poor'.  They don't have sufficient income to cover the increasing cost of running the estate, or maintaining it's assets.

Many have been forced to sell off huge chunks of their estate, just to keep their head above water.  Others have tried to set up small ventures within the estate, to try & bring in new revenue.

We take a different approach

Rethinking the 21st century Country Estate

Rather than cherry picking 'piece-meal' projects, instead we look at the wider community at a macro level, & redesign it as if starting with a blank canvas.

Most estates were created in a time, that is no longer relevant to todays way of life.  Even the more common elements, like farming have been vastly reduced in the last 20 years.  With indoor vertical farming, we believe this decline will accelerate rapidly in the next five years.

It's about repurposing the estates assets, investing in new revenue streams, maximizing 'profit per square foot', & ultimately securing the future of the estate, for the new Business 5.0 society.

Our partnership model

Our range of experience & support for other industries, provides us the unique position to create a solution that works, & is unmatched.

Business Turnaround

Our Business Turnaround skills are about improving cash in the business.  Reducing costs, & maximizing operating efficiency

Property Development

We have vast experience in developing & repurposing property.  From renovating stately homes, building hotels, homes & offices, to developing Renewable energy plants.

We can also introduce development capital when required.

But rather than just dropping 200 characterless boxes into a field, & calling them new homes, we work to complement the rest of the estate, adding value, & emphasizing character in every project.

Venture Partners

Creating multiple new revenue streams for the estate, as well as introducing investment creates long term financial security

Have a look at some of our solutions

Business Turnaround & Recovery
Property Development
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Venture Partners

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Book a 30 minute strategy call with us.  Let's talk about where you want to go, & what obstacles are preventing you get there

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Interested in working with us?

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