Venture Partners

Creating investment opportunities

Investing in the SME market, without the risk

Using our Inverted Merger Strategy™, we bring the pieces together to package investment opportunities, & create industry leading brands in the SME market

Impact investing

Our model provides a vehicle for investors to access the SME market, invest in local communities, & create jobs, without the burden of managing hundreds of individual direct investments

The JV risk reduction model

Unlike investing in a traditional startup or early stage business, our model brings together established JV partners, meaning that most of the risk associated with investing in early stage businesses, is eliminated.

The traditional way would be to invest in a small business, and then create growth opportunities inside that business.  With our model, we create the growth opportunities external to the  small business, but then work with them to deliver.  This means we can create growth opportunities for multiple small businesses, but only have to invest & manage a single opportunity.  

Our model means we have more control over scaling & divesting each opportunity, & without the burden of performing individual due diligence for hundreds of businesses

Pre-existing client base

Creating an offering that complement our JV partners business, it means we have a large motivated client base from day one

Established delivery team

Our JV partners are established businesses, they've already built a team that can deliver

Nationwide scale potential

Our model can be duplicated, on a localized region by region basis, to deliver nationwide opportunities

The Inverted Merger Strategy™

Using our unique Inverted Merger Strategy™, & Goldmine Framework™, we bring the right pieces together to create industry eco-systems, where each brand complements the rest

Our process

1.  Based on industry trends, we identify an opportunity or gap in the market

2.  Create a new brand

3.  Work with established JV partners to help us deliver on a local level

4.  Install a management team, to drive & scale the business

5.  Create liquidity for our investors within 5 years, through our IPO direct listing model

Our sector focus

We only work in industries, which our senior team have direct growth & operating experience

Who we work with

Whilst our previous projects have been funded internally, having tested & refined our model, we're now opening up selected opportunities, to external investment partners

HNW Investors

Family Offices

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Case studies

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