VentureBuildr for Land Owners

A better way to grow your assets

VentureBuildr for Landowners, is an alternative model, bringing established businesses together, to create innovative & disruptive products, services, & businesses, to impact & improve the industry for the better.

Rather than the high risk practice of creating a brand new start-up business, the VentureBuildr™ model leverages an existing customer database, & experienced delivery resource, to create a product offering which can bolt onto an established business.  This model creates a low risk investable vehicle, that operates like a standalone venture, but without the potential issues of investing in start-up & small businesses.  It's a model that brings multiple, established players together, to create a new game. 

The VentureBuildr model is open to Land owners, Land managers, Asset managers, Land surveyors, & other industry support businesses. 

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