IPO Direct Listing

The advanced growth strategy for SME's

The Alternative way to take your business public

Public Company

Clients trust public traded companies more

Win Bigger

With stock market backing, you can tender for much larger contracts

Raise Money

The cheapest & fastest way to raise capital

Listing a company on a main stock exchange, is not normally possible to companies with less than £100m revenue.

The traditional cost of listing, can typically reach £ 2m, and take up to 2 years, with no guarantees.

Based on our own experiences, going through this process, we developed an alternative listing process that's available for SME's, but without the excessive fees or time delay

The IPO Framework™


Initial consultation to discuss your objectives for the business, & determine whether a public listing is the right choice for you

Initial period to enhance the value of the business, & make sure it's in the best shape before starting the listing process



Our team will produce a valuation for the business, along with future projections, based on your own growth plans

Dealing with the paperwork, performing an audit, & going through the due diligence process to complete the listing



Identifying your growth aspirations, preparing a growth plan, & generally performing the duties of running a public company

Identifying potential businesses to acquire, & achieve your growth objectives


Our Track Record

Since 2017, we've taken over 35 companies public, using our methodology.

We now list approximately 20 companies on the main markets every year

The Benefits

Listing within 3-6 months

Listing typically takes between 3-6 months, depending on how quickly you provide information

Public company reporting

We take care of all the paperwork, so you can focus on running your business

No listing cost

The listing costs are paid for, from the public company shares

Our investment criteria

Due to the time & cost constraints involved in the process, we can only work with companies that meet our strict criteria.  If you do not satisfy these criteria, please choose one of our other services.

Minimum £ 500k+  EBIT

Debt free

Limited company

Registered in UK / US / AUS / EU / CAN

3+ years trading history

Must be auditable

Business owner must be willing to stay in the business

Our process

We currently have a waiting list for IPO services.  If you're interested in taking your business through the IPO listing process, we invite you to book a 30 minute strategy call.  Let's talk about where you want to go, & what obstacles are preventing you get there

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