Business Acquisition

A different kind of M&A consultancy

We're your Merger & Acquisitions partner

Reduce Overhead

Sharing resource between businesses can lead to overhead savings

Increase Revenue

Cross-selling between companies can achieve a 400% increase in revenue

Add Clients

Access to new clients & sectors, which may be difficult to break into

Do you want to grow your business by buying, or merging with another business?

The time needed, to learn the process, source suitable deals, get the financing in place, complete the deal & then integrate it within your existing business, this will take a minimum 12 months.  It'll also be a huge distraction to your business.  Most small businesses using this route, result in suffering loss of customers & staff in their existing business.

If you're thinking of growing your business, choosing an acquisition strategy is one of the best routes, to achieve your long term growth aspirations.

An alternative route to buying a business

After years of walking in your shoes, we wanted to create a better way, for small businesses to grow through M&A (mergers & acquisition).  

You focus on running your business.  We find the deals.  We put the funding in place.  We structure & complete the deal properly.  We integrate both businesses, to maximize the benefits of the acquisition.

How does it work?

  • You focus on running your business
  • We take care of the acquisition
  • We both share in the deal

The Acquire Framework


Initial consultation to determine the best strategy to follow for the business

Strengthen the existing business



Identify & target the right type & size of business to meet the companies growth objectives

Arranging finance, performing due diligence & overseeing the legals



Structure, management, operations, issues

Cross-selling, cost efficiencies & opportunity


Our investment criteria

Due to the high number of enquiries we receive, we have set criteria for the type and size of business that we work with.  We welcome enquiries from businesses that fit these criteria.

£ 2m+ revenue

UK Ltd company

Minimum 3 years trading

All shareholders must have full buy-in to the strategy, before you engage with us

We are primarily interested in the following sectors:

Built Environment

  • Property services
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure services
  • Building Design & Engineering


  • Marketing services
  • Media production
  • PR
  • Staffing
  • Branding


  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Hotel consultants
  • Travel agents
  • Events

Our process

Book a 30 minute strategy call with us.  Let's talk about where you want to go, & what obstacles are preventing you get there

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    If you're buying a business, why would you share it with us, why not just have 100% of the deal?

The issue with most small businesses, is they're run by the owners.  This means, the new buyer has to work in the business, day-to-day managing it.   We don't have the time, or desire, to manage multiple businesses ourselves.  By working with an established partner, it means we don't have to manage the business directly, we can tag it onto your business, & we both achieve the benefits of the arrangement.   Win-Win-Win

2.   What size businesses will you buy?

We normally look at businesses that are between 50% - 200% of your existing business.  This means if your current business has £2m revenue, we'll target businesses with between £1m - £4m revenue.

3.   Why would I work with you, when I can do it all myself?

Distraction & Focus.  Unless you already have a full management team running your existing business, meaning you never have to get involved, then buying a business yourself, will be a HUGE drain on your current business.  Buying or merging with another business, is a full time job, involving multiple skillsets, knowledge & experience.  We've advised businesses owners that have tried it this way, & almost lost their existing business, through a lack of experience, lack of focus, or just receiving bad advice from people, that aren't aligned to your end result.  By working with us, we're both aligned with the same end result of completing deals & seeing your business grow.

4.   Where will you source deals?

Most small businesses choose business brokers, and 'business for sale' agents, as their source of finding a business to buy.  This is the worst place to look.   When a business owner decides to sell, they go into 'slow-down' mode, rather than being in 'growth-mode'.  They stop investing in growth, they cut expenses to the bone, & if working with a broker, they'll manipulate the accounts, in order to show maximum profit.  When listing through a broker, the broker gets paid a commission, based on the value of the business, which means they're incentivized to increase the listing price.  We often see broker listed businesses priced at over 40x profit, for a business with less than £100k profit.

Our process starts by identifying which type of business, would add maximum value, to your existing business.    We then target businesses that fit that criteria.

5.   What are the costs involved in working together?

Unlike other professional advisors, we are aligned with your end result.  We don't charge heavy upfront fees, with no guarantee of achieving the end result.  Our model is biased toward the majority of our remuneration coming after deal completion.  In most cases, we will not receive a reward, for five years or more.  We are generally open minded, to how & when we get paid.  If you have a suggestion, we encourage you to propose it to us.

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