VentureDoctor Business Recovery

Helping you build a strong foundation

We invest in, & we help struggling businesses

+  £ 320,000
Cash in Bank

Adding an average £ 320,000 to the bank account of each business

+  £ 224,000

Increasing profit margins by an average £ 224,000

​Jobs Saved

An average 27 jobs saved, in every business we've worked with

VentureDoctor is a Business turnaround & recovery program, designed for businesses that employ more than 10 staff.  It was created, with the intention to help businesses, to build a strong operating foundation, strengthen it's financial position, & establish a long term viable & strong business.

Common signs of distress

  • Loss of market share
  • Loss of reputation
  • Stagnant or dropping revenue
  • Increased overhead %
  • Bank demands more information
  • Suppliers reduce credit terms
  • Accounts frozen or 'on stop'
  • Payment cards rejected at checkout
  • Bank asks for additional security
  • Staff turnover is increasing
  • Unhappy staff
  • Increasing need to borrow more capital
  • Financial records filed later & later
  • Finance director on long term sick leave (or quits)
  • Overdraft is above the limit
  • Cheques bouncing
  • Bank requests some repayment
  • Statutory payments in arrears (PAYE, VAT)
  • Legal actions (Writs, CCJ's)
  • Bailiff's visiting your premises
  • Debt collection letters
  • Insolvency practitioner letters offering help
  • Unable to pay staff wages
  • Unable to pay rent on the business premises
  • Creditor terms are stretched
  • Bidding landmark projects, hoping to turn it around

The IMPACT Foundation™

The IMPACT Foundation covers the six core areas of the business


Understanding what's happening in the business, to make decisions based on factual & live data sources


Creating a long term, viable business model


Creating a portfolio of customer optimized, high profit, product offerings


To build a wall around the business assets, & protect your kingdom


Build a strong financial structure, that can adapt & take advantage, of changes in the market cycles


Having the right people in the business, to take it through the next chapter of its story

Our criteria

Due to the intensive amount of work involved in the program, we can only work with a small number of businesses every year.

If you're interested, please apply 

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We are primarily interested in the following sectors:

Built Environment

  • Property services
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure services
  • Building Design & Engineering


  • Marketing services
  • Branding
  • Media production
  • Staffing
  • PR services


  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Country estates
  • Hotel consultants
  • Travel agents
  • Events

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