Purchasing Groups

An alternative way to grow your business

Earn more revenue

Help clients to grow

Leverage your network

The Growth Framework™

In this 70 minute pre-recorded webinar, we take you through the 36 fundamental pillars, you need to build, if you want to grow your business

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How to grow your Purchasing Group

As a purchasing group, your value is in your relationships.  The easiest & fastest way to grow your business, is just to sell more to people you already know.

Your value is in the breadth of your network, and it's made up of three parts:

  • How many people are in your network (your potential customer base)
  • Their average spending
  • Your ability to influence their buying decision

If you can increase either one of these you'll grow your business

Free Resources Library

Visit our Free resources library,  learn the latest strategies, to grow your purchasing group.


How we work with Purchasing Groups

Everything we do is geared, around working in partnership with you, to help your clients grow.  If your clients grow, then they'll buy more from you, & you'll also grow.  If you grow, we grow.  Everyone get's what they want.  Everyone's aligned with the same goal.

Unlike traditional consultancies, we have nothing to sell you.  We believe the old way of consultancy is broken & misaligned.  We put our money, where our mouth is.  We sit on the same side of the table with you.

If you help your clients to grow, your business will grow with them

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