Our Values

Rethinking business better

Most companies still operate on 19th century business models.

We re-think how business should be done.  We don't just add more tools or technology to broken industries, we redesign it from zero. 

Our purpose

In line with the UN Global goals, our purpose is to end all forms of poverty, everywhere.  We believe the four routes to achieve this, are through:
  • Quality education
  • Sustainable ways of living
  • Opportunity creation
  • Access to resources.

Our mission

We're on a mission to change how small businesses operate.  We have a vision of how the world of small business can operate in a much more efficient, and collaborative way, where everyone wins, and we don't waste weeks of our time, doing activities that shouldn't even exist.

Our core values

Our core values dictate who we are, how we show up, and the impact we make on the world


Innovating new ways, to create a new future


Working with great partners, delivering great outcomes


Finding solutions that benefit everyone


Taking ownership, & leading through completion


Breaking down barriers, & building new paths


Bringing fun into business

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