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The Alternative Way To Grow Your Business

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The Goldmine Framework™

In this 60 minute, pre-recorded webinar, we show you the 36 fundamental stages we go through, when we create a new business offering & brand.

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The Alternative way to grow your business

Most businesses try to grow, by adding more clients.  This route is time consuming & costly.

A better way to grow your business, is by selling MORE, to your EXISTING customers

The Options to sell new product offerings

Option 1

Try creating them yourself

- Takes a lot of time & investment

-  No guarantee of achieving sufficient sales

-  You'll need the capacity to deliver it

-  A distraction from your core business

-  Potential risk of damage to your core business

-  Your focus is diluted

Option 2

Sell other peoples products

+  Faster route

+  Better use of your time

+  Reduced risk

+  Maintain 100% focus on your core business 

Three routes to sell other peoples products

Straight Referral

Straight referral, means referring your clients to a third party (eg. Insurance broker etc).

  • Low conversion rate
  • Paid small commission for every sale
  • You don't control the sale, or delivery
  • Customer rapport is broken when you make the referral

White Label Licensing

White Label Licensing, means taking someone else's product & putting your brand name on it. 

  • You're responsible for Sales
  • Licensor is responsible for delivery
  • Conversion rates are higher than straight referral
  • Upfront investment required
  • Brand reputation risk (your clients believe it's your business providing the product)


Joint Venture

Joint venture, means a specialist creates the product offering, pulling the right pieces together, each piece being responsible for their own delivery.

  • Can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • You're responsible for Sales
  • Other experts are responsible for creation & delivery
  • New standalone brand
  • Paid based on a share of revenue / profits

We are your Joint Venture partner.  Through our Goldmine Framework™, We bring the right pieces together, to create industry leading products.

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